ECTRIMS Question Time

The Question time panel has now been disclosed

We are will have a Live Webfeed with Twitter (#MSQT).

Get yourself a twitter account and join the fun

If you are a Neuro/Scientist/Pharma Rep come join us in Hall C and show us your tweeting skills so sign up before the big day
If you can’t make it join us for For Question Time Live 13.00-14.00 Central European time 12.00 UK time (Web feed details to follow)

Our final neurologists on the panel is Robert Fox,USA

Dr. Robert Fox is the Medical Director at the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Cleveland Clinic, USA.

His research interests are development of novel imaging modalities and the generation of treatments of MS and monitoring of repair.

He serves as an advisory committee member and principal site investigator for many clinical trials and is Managing Director of the MS Patient Registry in the USA and was the global lead investigator for trials on tecfidera. 

He has been listed in the Best Neurologist Category in the Cleveland Magazine for the past decade.

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  • My question: How long before ECTRIMS is disbanded i.e. when will there no longer be a need for MS research (as the research questions will have been answered)?

    • When the drugs come of patent and the market tanks Pharma will dis-invest and ECTRIMS will once again become a meeting for clinicians and scientists researching MS. In other words it won't be marketing jamboree.

  • Thanks on that note I have to say questions have now closed.

    Thanks to those that submitted and apologies for those not selected.

    The will be not need for ECTRIMS, ACTRIMS, LACTRIMS, PACTRIMS when there is no MS

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