ECTRIMS Question Time

The Question time panel has now been formed and we will be announcing the rest of panel over the coming weeks. 

We are hoping for a Live Webfeed Feed with Twitter.

If you are a Neuro/Scientist/Pharma Rep come join us in Hall C 12.30-14.00 2 October 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark and show us your tweeting skills, so sign up before the big day and bring your smart phone/tablet. (click here)

If you can’t make it..join us and tweet for Question Time Live 13.00-14.00 (Web feed details to follow) or watch on Youtube.

Each announcement will be Wednesday 1.00 Central European Time or 14.00 British Summer Time (15.00 Greenwich Mean Time) as we build up to the big day.

The next panelist is Dawn Langdon

Dr. Dawn Langdon, is Professor of Neuropsychology at Royal Holloway College. She is a neuropsychologist and health psychologist.

Her research Interests include psychological aspects of MS; treatments protecting and rehabilitation of cognition.

Royal Holloway College, is sort of the Ala Marta of MD, and is part of University of London, in the vicinity of the Queens House in Windsor.

Why not ask questions about Brain Shred or other issues of the mind     
Questions to BartsMSBlog(at)
Please note email addresses will not be disclosed or associated with a question. 
You can post questions Anonymously (or with names) below. 

These will be removed and posted to BartsMS Blog on your behalf.

We will not Respond to Anything Posted Here. 
Likewise please refrain from commenting on any questions posed.

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