Help: we need a name for a brain atrophy infographic

Brain atrophy the next MS frontier #MSBlog #MSResearch

“I am participating in a bloggers session at ECTRIMS 2013 on brain atrophy. The aim of the session is to debate the utility of various techniques and tools to communicate the issue brain atrophy to MSers, and MS stakeholders, in a clear and concise way. 

I will be speaking to an infographic that I have yet to develop. I would like to give the infographic a simple name and need your help.  The following names have already been suggested can you help and come up with a few more? Thanks.”

  1. Save my grey matter!
  2. Switch off the shredder!
  3. Switch off the shredder, before I forget!
  4. Time is brain!
  5. Save my Brain!
  6. Neuro Protect my Brain!
  7. Your brain is power: protect it!
  8. Brainpower: protect it!
  9. Protect your brainpower!
  10. DO NOT SHRED: Grey Matter matters 
  11. Stop the shrinkage!
  12. Stop the shrink!
  13. Wasting has to stop! 
  14. Stop the brain drain!
  15. Stop my brain drain!

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