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Sosnoff JJ, Finlayson M, McAuley E, Morrison S, Motl RW. Home-based exercise program and fall-risk reduction in older adults with multiple sclerosis: phase 1 randomized controlled trial. Clin Rehabil. 2013 Aug. [Epub ahead of print]Objective:To determine the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of a home-based exercise intervention targeting fall risk in older adults with multiple sclerosis.

Design: A randomized controlled pilot trial.
Setting:A home-based exercise program.
Intervention:Participants were randomly allocated to either a home-based exercise intervention group (n = 13) or a waiting list control group (n = 14). The exercise group completed exercises targeting lower muscle strength and balance three times a week for 12 weeks. The control group continued normal activity.Measures:Fall risk (Physiological Profile Assessment scores), balance (Berg Balance Scale), and walking testing prior to and immediately following the 12-week intervention. Each outcome measure was placed in an analysis of covariance with group as the between-subject factor and baseline values as the covariate. Effect sizes were calculated.
Results:Twelve participants from the control group and ten from the exercise group completed the study. There were no related adverse events. Fall risk was found to decrease in the exercise group following the intervention (1.1 SD 1.0 vs. 0.6 SD 0.6) while there was an increase in fall risk in the control group (1.9 SD 1.5 vs. 2.2 SD 1.9). Effect sizes for most outcomes were large (η2 > 0.15).
Conclusions:Home-based exercise was found to be feasible, safe, and effective for reducing physiological fall risk in older adults with multiple sclerosis. Our findings support the implementation of a larger trial to reduce fall risk in persons with multiple sclerosis.

Exercise is good for you and may help reduce falls

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  • There are many hard working people helping advance research and treatments in MS but does the obvious have to stated over and over. Exercise is good. Inactivity bad. Now lets move on.

    • Content is content. And content is needed

      I do not make the papers up this is what happens. Dr Dre seems to support the holistic approach to MS care and seems to want this type of post.

      Is enough enough, but you could of course argue enough is enough for the DMT

  • Jasmine Norris
    Sunday, September 15, 2013 10:06:00 pm
    What would i do if people like you wasn't there for us. I worry for my son and his MS not getting better. LINK REMOVED

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