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Headline ECTRIMS. CCSVI is not that effective

#MSResearch #MS Blog CCSVI not that effective Kipp et al. British Columbia chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) registry: early self-reported benefits are not sustained at follow-up interview. ECTRIMS 2013 Thursday, October 03, 2013, 15:45 – 17:00. Background: Venoplasty with or without intravascular stents (the “liberation” treatment) has been proposed as a treatment for...


Well before the research, I guess you have heard the the US trial on CCSVI by Dr. Gary Siskin has been apparently cancelled, because they could not get enough willing participants from the US, despite the promise of some Health Tourists from Canada. Were people really unwilling to have the risk of placebo? Or were people just not sufficiently interested? Anyway you can debate that amongst...







12.30 for 13.00-14.00 (CET, Copenhagen), 2 October.


MS Roadshow – Basildon, 30th Sept 2013

Annual MS Roadshow season. #MSBlog #MSResearch “We group start our annual round of MS Roadshows this weekend and next week. MouseDoctor will be speaking in South London and Prof Gold and I at the MS Chilterns Centre on Saturday. We then go to Basildon on Monday night, followed by Southend the following Monday. If this is the first you have heard of these events please...

Stressed oligos activate microglia

Bsibsi M, Holtman IR, Gerritsen WH, Eggen BJ, Boddeke E, van der Valk P, van Noort JM, Amor S.Alpha-B-Crystallin Induces an Immune-Regulatory and Anti-viral Microglial Response in PreactiveMultiple Sclerosis Lesions. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2013 Sep 13. [Epub ahead of print]Microglial nodules are frequently observed in the normal-appearing white matter of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients...

Time to Improve Standards in Animal Use

Today Universities were asked by the National Centre of Refinement, Reduction and Replacement of Animals in Research to pull their finger out and encourage their employers to perform and importantly report animal studies in a more rigorous fashion. This is a movement that is coming, if not in its present format in another guise, so better to embrace now than face rejection later on The failing in...

The story of campath-1h, now known as alemtuzumab

“Some of you may find this video interesting.”

“The key take home messages are: (1) how long it takes to develop a drug for MS, (2) how important scientists, researchers and neurologists are in the process of drug development and (3) you need the pharmaceutical industry to get it to market.”

CoI: multiple

ECTRIMS Question Time

Our final member of the ECTRIMS Question time panel is the Chair and Head of Research at the National Multiple sclerosis Society Tim Coeztee

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Cladribine works in rodents Should it?

Musella A, Mandolesi G, Gentile A, Rossi S, Studer V, Motta C, Sepman H, Fresegna D, Haji N, Paolillo A, Matarese G, Centonze D. Cladribine interferes with IL-1β synaptic effects in experimental multiple sclerosis. J Neuroimmunol. 2013 Aug. doi:pii: S0165-5728(13)00230-0. 10.1016/j.jneuroim.2013.08.009. [Epub ahead of print] Alterations of glutamate-mediated synaptic transmission occur in both...



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