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The Question time panel has now been formed and we will be announcing the panel over the coming weeks to be presented at ECTRIMS 2013 (Copenhagen 2-5 October 2013). 

If you want to know the basic structure. 
You ask the questions and they give an answer… on which you can comment (although we probably can’t do live Q &A).

We are hoping for a Live Webfeed Feed with Twitter.

If you are a Neuro/Scientist/Pharma Rep come join us on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 in Hall C 12.30-14.00 in Copenhagen, Denmark and show us your tweeting skills, so sign up before the big day and bring your smart phone/tablet. (click here)

If you can’t make it..join us and tweet for Question Time Live 13.00-14.00 (Web feed details to follow) or watch on Youtube.

From tomorrow (4 september 2013), the time of each announcement will be Wednesday 1.00 Central European Time or 12.00 British Summer Time (11.00 Greenwich Mean Time) as we build up to the big day.

We get will the views from Neuros & Others from both sides of the Pond.

The first neuro and only representative from Team G, is none-other than ProfG, as one of the co-ordinators of the “Social Media” Session, who else?

Dr. Gavin Giovannoni is Professor of Neurology at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

His interests are: MS Prevention and Biomarkers

One of this mentors-Ian MacDonald once said to G “You either get into bed with all of the them or none of them“. 

So ProfG took the advice and became a PharmaHo [:-)] and has played a big part in many Pivotal MS studies as advisor or investigator.

Another Mentor said
Work hard to be the most informed and well-prepared person in the room, and to make sure that when an opportunity arises to make a meaningful contribution, seize it with both hands. Not because you have to be heard, but because you have something valuable to add“. MrsG. 2 Sept 2013. The Guardian. Nice One

I am sure G has taken note. Which ProfG will turn up? The Devils advocate? or Compassionate Neuro? I suspect Both!

Now we need your (Contentious) Questions!Who wants to hear the boring Same-Old, Same-Old?
Make them Sweat..they won’t get the questions before hand.

Questions to BartsMSBlog(at)gmail.comPlease note email addresses will not be disclosed or associated with a question. 
You can post questions Anonymously (or with names) below. 
These will be removed and posted to BartsMS Blog on your behalf.

We will not Respond to Anything Posted Here. Likewise please refrain from commenting on any questions posed.

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