Digesting Science a New Project for Children of MSers

“Just over a year ago, Gavin asked me to develop a project that would address an unmet need in our MS service. Helping people with MS talk to their children about MS. So I am very happy to post our new project on the blog: www.digestingscience.co.uk

Digesting Science is an educational website and course for children with a parent with MS. We worked with our team of scientists to take some of the main topics of MS and developed practical activities to explain them. 

An important aspect of the project is that not everyone can travel to London to meet our team of scientists. So we’ve made a website that describes all the activities on the course and lets you download a list of what to get if you want to try the activities at home or in your clinic.

We have ran the course over the year here at Barts for our patients and are looking forward to rolling it out across University College London Partners (UCLP).

Please let us know how you get on trying the activities at home! 

We know that science is filled with big words that are confusing, and sometimes even scary – so we have tried to break down MS into key pieces of information that you need to know.

The Digesting Science project also consists of an educational course for children (CLICK HERE) with a parent with MS. Children can come and learn about the science behind the condition from researchers from the Neuroimmunology Group at Queen Mary University of London.

If you are an MS nurse why not Role this out? Get some researchers, neuros to do the activities. 

Well Done Alison

CoI: This website and the associated workshops was supported by Queen Mary University of London.

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  • Our local MS Society has put out some media and events for children to understand parent's MS better. It's very needed.

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