ECTRIMS 2013: Genzyme Satellite Symposium

Slides from my Genzyme Satellite symposium; early effective treatment. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following are my slides from yesterday’s satellite symposium. Again the message is early effective treatment with active monitoring.”

Key words: active, early, effective, monitor, personalise, risk, choice

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  • Sorry Prof G, for the avoidance of doubt, are you stating that you solely made these slides apart from the two you mentioned?

    • That is correct. I produced my talk and Genzyme's team got their team to make them look beautiful and put them on their template. They changed slide 6 from my version to another more simple version and they modified my conclusion slide. The other slides are mine. Please note my talk has nothing to do with Genzyme's drugs; I was simply promoting early active treatment with monitoring and individualizing treatment options.

  • No it is not correct, Prof G. I'm not sure if you understand the meaning of solely, but it does not mean you and Genzyme. I think you should declare who has edited your slides in the future, it shows a lack of professional ethics if you claim these as yours when someone else has made them. I wonder what the GMC would think? I also wonder what kind of 'professor' would be willing to have their own opinions modified by a company. You do not fit the bill of a serious academic.

    • Sure no problem. Someone else made them then. To take this argument to the extreme I should acknowledge that Microsoft actually made them; I used PowerPoint software. Thank you Microsoft. I couldn't imagine a world without PowerPoint? Actually, I could some presenters used Apple Software that had images and slides zooming in and out that made you feel vertiginous.

    • Do you fit the bill of a troll?

      Do you think that academics make all the slides concerning company trials? What about posters. If i said the colour choice of your car was crap would you listen you may if the point was a good one you may not also.

      prof trapp gave a great talk using some graphics that originated in Doctor Loves lab I use them in some of my talks. Does that make him unprofessional or unbelievable of course not

  • You have to ask the A's from Cambridge.
    Maybe they were busy maybe they dont want to be seen to involved with pharma maybe g does a better job.

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