Quality Control is Lacking

The standard way of publishing printed papers is finding difficulty as a model and with the advent of the world-wide Web electronic journals are springing up. With low production costs it can be lucrative with the journals charging $1000-$7,000 for open access publication.

In a sting a person sent the same paper round to many places with fundamental flaws in it, the paper got accepted loads of times click.

It speaks to the need for effective peer review and a quality control in publications, this is one thing we should bang on about.

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  • Since the whole mandated open access issue has sprung up I get several emails a week from fly-by night operators that have sprung up offering to publish my papers. For a fat fee of course.
    Glad to see my suspicions about these journals has been confirmed.

    • I agree with you, MouseDoc! It's really unfair for others to exploit these flaws. It will degrade journalism.

  • ibex (LINK TO WEB SITE REMOVED) Friday, October 04, 2013 8:31:00 pm
    1. We cannot conclude anything specific about OA journals, since a control group is missing. How do we know that non-OA journals do it better? http://www.thefacultylounge.org/2013/10/schadefreude-for-those-who-publish-in-non-peer-review-law-reviews-and-the-blurry-line-between-human-.html

    2. @MouseDoctor2 There is a list of potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers. http://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/ A blog only about that. Impressive.

    COI: I'm an MSer reading some science and blogging about it. Only open access publications are accessible for me

    • We cannot conclude, but I was saying quality control is needed and that applied to all journals.

      Open access is the way science is moving however it has not been thought through and has made a cottage industry of open access titles.

      Governments could fund one site to which all papers get submitted and properly peer reviewed, it would save thousands. At present all UK government funded papers are supposed to be open source and had given each university money for this purpose.
      by putting them in the same place it could destroy the stranglehold of some of the quality journals, but in its present form it is broken because the universities are still paying for the
      copies of the journal AND are paying for open source which is supposed to remove the cost of libraries having subscriptions

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