Should you Engage?

Alison did a great job organising the “Social Media ECTRIMS”
session this morning. 

The dark filming and dodgy online stuff was not within our control and perhaps fell below our desired standards..sorry….and hopefully will be better next time.

So why were Barts people featured a lot in the session….well duh!..we were asked to share our experiences.

I wonder if any neuros will dip their toes in the “social media” water ?

Are you scared? 

Maybe you should engage (CLICK HERE) and see loads of videos of Team G

Dip your toe in the water and jump in and learn to Swim!

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  • This morning's session was interesting, and I figure the glitches will be fixed by next year. Only, I think you totally blew your chance of getting a rich pharma marketing department to pay for your next generation media equipment.

    Daniel Kantor from Florida does some tweeting, and of course videos from conferences for MSWorld. And, like you, he'll answer questions from time to time.

    I hope more neuros and researchers take social media up.

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