The Prophecy Comes True

Team G was nominated for a Digital Media award at the MS Society awards. This was at the Dorcester Hotel in London, a star-studded event….where the stars were of course the people nominated for the awards.

Anyway well done to Shift MS…

Well I can’t say the writing was not on the wall

Barbara (Stumbling in flats-check out her blog) and I had that losing feeling when our table was so far from the stage it could have been in the Kitchen. So we had to drown our sorrows with a little vino:-) 

To get to the stage we would of had to do the amazing feat (well not really it was only a few metres) of Stuart Nixon (MS Society Trustee), who I have only ever seen in a wheel chair in the many years I have seen him at MS Society events, who walked 60km on the 60th Anniversary of  UK MS Society.

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