21st European Charcot Meeting, Baveno, Italy

What a fight? MRI vs. clinical outcomes. Who won? #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following is my presentation from this morning at the European Charcot Meeting in Baveno, Italy. I covered laboratory measures of disease variability and prognosis. My talk was benign compared to the sparring bout, or some would argue fist-fight, between George Ebers and the MRI lobby. It made for entertaining viewing. Who won? Neither. Both clinical and MRI metrics are important to capture the impact of MS. One thing that was a positive is that George Ebers admitted and presented data to show that relapses on treatment are predictive of long-term disabilty compared to relapses in natural history studies. This means that there is now consensus that having relapses on DMTs is predictive of a poor response. This is one of the fundamentals that underpins our campaign for zero tolerance and treat-2-target of NEDA (no evidence of disease activity).”

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