Blowing our Trumpet. First in Man Studies Start

Well we do not often report on company business early in the development process, but as it involves our own research we should shout it out. 

Canbex (the company) Therapeutics is pleased to announce that they have begun (28 October 2013) first in man trials with their new drug VSN16R for treatment of spasticity in MS.

This has been a long trip for Team G as the research began in about 2001/2002. This study will enrol a total of 72 healthy volunteers in a placebo-controlled, single ascending dose and multiple ascending dose design.The last round of safety studies in phase I are due to complete in early 2014.

Let’s hope we get to Phase II in MSers and beyond. 

Meet the Business Team in BioEurope 2013.

CoI: Members of Team G founded this company and are inventors of the product.

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