End of the Road for Animal Experiments?

The new custodian of the Home Office (who oversee all animal experiments within the UK) is Norman Baker MP (no relationship to Prof B). An ardent anti-vivisectionist who wants to see a road map for the end of animal experiments in the UK.
An admirable view, but creating the conditions where UK Pharma shut-up shop and move elsewhere and squeezing University Research or pricing it out of existence is not the way to go if you are interested in animal welfare and importantly British Science. 

Better to embrace but control what is done than move it Eastwards (or Westwards) where you have no control on what goes on. This is what is happening, just as shoe and clothes manufacturing have already done so, with a cheaper labour market and fewer regulations.

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The US has a different attitude to Animal Experimentation and Pharma. 

Wonder why so many European Companies are relocating their Research Activities on MS to the US, in particular Boston.

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