OH no, yes its exercise again!

You said Smoking =BAD, Exercise = GOOD

Briken S, Gold S, Patra S, Vettorazzi E, Harbs D, Tallner A, Ketels G, Schulz K, Heesen C.Effects of exercise on fitness and cognition in progressive MS: a randomized, controlled pilot trial. Mult Scler. 2013 Oct 24. [Epub ahead of print]

BACKGROUND:Exercise may have beneficial effects on both well-being and walking ability in multiple sclerosis (MS). Exercise is shown to be neuroprotective in rodents and may also enhance cognitive function in humans. It may, therefore, be particularly useful for MS patients with pronounced neurodegeneration.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the potential of standardized exercise as a therapeutic intervention for progressive MS, in a randomized-controlled pilot trial.
METHODS: Patients with progressive MS and moderate disability (Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) of 4-6) were randomized to one of three exercise interventions (arm ergometry, rowing, bicycle ergometry) for 8-10 weeks or a waitlist control group. We analyzed the drop-out rate as a measure of feasibility. The primary endpoint of the study was aerobic fitness. Secondary endpoints were walking ability, cognitive function as measured by a neuropsychological test battery, depression and fatigue.
RESULTS: A total of 42 patients completed the trial (10.6% drop-out rate). Significant improvements were seen in aerobic fitness. In addition, exercise improved walking ability, depressive symptoms, fatigue and several domains of cognitive function.
CONCLUSION: This study indicated that aerobic training is feasible and could be beneficial for patients with progressive MS. Larger exercise studies are needed to confirm the effect on cognition.

Maybe we just need to see large definitive studies rather than a lot of small studies.

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  • The drop out rate is too high. There is a reluctance to do exercise in the neurological community. They will fight to get a treatment that has the same effect, rather than go to the pool or gym. We know there are many bloggers to this site that exercise and they know the benefits. The fitter you are the better chance you have of fighting any disease.

  • Does the regular workout with weights and dumbbells has the same beneficiary effect?

    I have secondary progressive MS and I workout regularly, but with weights, not aerobic exercises.

  • It is very hard to do large rehabilitation studies in MS. There is just not the money available when compared to drug companies! Although small, these studies are very important.

    • Why wait for a study. Why not try to do some exercise and see what helps? This is something that we can do for ourselves. If your local leisure centre doesn't have the facilities, ask for them to provide them, I did and they obliged. You may be pleasantly surprised. Also, there are concessions for registered disabled.

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