ShiftMS: Peoples Hot Topic – Repurposing of Drugs

Can we repurpose drugs? #MSBlog #MSResearch

Our annual MS Research Day is facing delays; will a series of Google hangouts be an appropriate substitute? #MSResearch #MSBlog

“Finally my first hangout in collaboration with ShiftMS. We are planning to do these more often in the New Year. You may be aware that the scheduling of the 2014 UCLP MS Research Day will be delayed and will only happen towards the middle of next year. To fill the gap before the event we will be hosting a series of Google Hangouts to update you on our research programme. We will try and get you a provisional programme in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions or requests for topics you would like covered please let us know.”

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  • The BPA is bigger than MS as it is relevant for all diseases so by uniting with other groups who should be able to gain a bigger voice. maybe MSers can be at the forefront pushing this imitative forward.

    Maybe get the NC3Rs involved they sometimes have ministers ears. With repurposing you don't need to test drugs on animals you can go straight to humans.

    Co-ordinate letters to MPs if the right minister gets thousands of the same questions they will take note, I did mine they wrote to the minister he cut and paste a response that was not worth the paper it was written on

    Why not start a e petition online (the question needs to be formulated careful…ProfG do you have a suggestion and then lets get 100,000 signatures and they have to debate it.

    You may say 100,000 MSers wont sign up but this is bigger than MS, get the media involved, one of the channel 4 quacks and broaden the agenda and you get 100,000 people

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