Another idea for the Cause of MS…Maybe it’s a bacterial toxin

F. Gay. Nose to brain: Is the trigeminal nerve a conduit for CNS disease? Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 1: Pg 154-155.

Ever year we get people who do not follow dogma and stick their necks out to come up with a new idea of what is the cause of MS. In this case its the nose. It has been suggested that bacterial toxins could be snorted and transported from the nose to the brain So whilst the eye may be a window to the brain the nose may be a super highway according to this theory. What do you think? 

Would this suggest that MS lesions should be very stereotyped.

Maybe it is “time to wake up” to the possibility that bacterial toxins as a cause of MS. However, with many hypotheses there are more questions than answers Therefore, one has to stop writing and start doing. Try to disprove the hypothesis. Will this happen here?

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  • This is related to earlier post on C. perfringens endotoxin and disruption of BBB. I assume this toxin also disrupts BBB.

  • As someone with MS, I always assumed there was more than one cause. This is why you can't find a constant link. Virus/Bacterial both likely contenders with different triggers points such as grief/stress/injury etc. Further complicated by different outcomes of which MS is just one. I guess this is why nobody ever gets better!.

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