Happy Xmas Card

It is that time of the year again and the multi-national nature of TeamG comes to the fore as members begin to spread around the globe to visit family and friends. 

Being Poor Students and Post-Docs they can’t afford the luxury of waiting until 24th December for a flight as the bankers have booked them all.

Whilst some members of Team G may have access to the internet, others may not ,and some will be restricted to the smart phone. So if you don’t see the response you were hoping for don’t be despondent.

Although we hope to have posts to the new year, we may be slow to post comments or respond. Please accept our apologies on this. 

The moderation has been enforced by the actions of some bad apples.

We generate no income from the Blog and typically do not advertise. However, as a thanks for the loan of the costumes and music. 

Follow the link to the House of Mouse for those New year Pressies……..too late for Chrimbo. Anything on the Advent calendar and more!

Also have A Perfect Christmas (Vasco) in the US or UK.

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  • Thanks for all the information you give us on this blog. I read it everyday and have learned alot about my MS from it. I really appreciate the time and effort you all put in to answer questions and give us the most up to date information. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from an avid reader from the U.S.!

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