Multiple Sclerosis 2013: America Square Conference Centre

My presentation today on pinning down the cause of MS. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following is the programme from today’s conference at the American Square Conference Centre in the City, followed by my slides from my talk. Let’s hope I convinced one more member of the audience that we are on the right track when we target vD, EBV and smoking as modifiable risk factors that could lead to a reduction in the number of people developing MS in the future.”

“Please note that I make no claim to know how EBV causes MS. I am simply convinced by the epidemiology. The best negative predictor of not getting MS is being EBV negative. Therefore if we can stop people becoming infected with the virus we should be able to prevent MS. Simple? Not at all; this is easier said than done and the skill set required to do this does not reside in the field of neurology. We need virologists and public health physicians to engage.”

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