EMA’s CHMP says no to laquinimod

Disappointing news for MSers: EMA says no to laquinimod. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“Despite two positive trials of laquinimod in RRMS, with an impact on disability progression and brain atrophy, the EMA’s CHMP has said no to laquinimod. They have cited safety concerns. This is disappointing for MSers as laquinimod has an interesting mode of action and works downstream of anti-inflammatory agents. Let’s hope the additional studies that are now being performed will allow MSers access to the drug.”

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  • Well, the risk effects seemed too big, didn't they?

    I'm sure Laquinimod is not the only drug with neuro-protection right?

    What about Tecfidera? Can't it be both: anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective?

    Are there any more?

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