R Day Tentative Date for Your Diary

After a UCLP meeting yesterday a tentative Date for the Research Day 2014 was set, so

R Day = D Day plus a week and a day.

So get a pencil rather than an ink pen and mark it in, as you may need a rubber (i.e. eraser-not a condom) if there are issues with the venue, etc. Hopefully we will be able to confirm within a month or so.

Yes, obviously neuros do not watch Sport, as it is World Cup time.
For our American viewers it is that football game, invented in England, where twenty two people kick a round ball and every 4 years have a tournament..where England invariable contrives to disappoint if it gets there

Will you of had a late night on June 13th watching Chile v Australia 11pm or can you miss any of Colombia v Greece June 14. 5pm, if you have a long travel home. This should leave plenty of time to get home to watch Uruguay v Costa Rica 8pm and England v Italy 11pm June 14th.

P.S. This is not the venue, I don’t know where that will be 

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  • Perhaps England contrives to disappoint because they play ten to a side rather than 11? Does England always take a red card to start every match? At least England calls the correct sport "football." Sorry, coming from the U.S. and playing soccer for 20 years, I had to throw the comment out.

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