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  • I feel I need to clear up some things, especially in light of Lexie’s comments to me:

    Lexie, I want to talk about simple economics: 30% of every pound sterling earned should be taxed; the more pounds you generate will subsequently result in you making more of a contribution. They pay more in tax in certain Scandinavian territories and reap far better public services than what we do in Britain, therefore, they have way better living standards across the board.

    Also, Lexie, as for your comments regarding NHS monetary waste vis-à-vis more rigorous spending controls; I think your opining is greatly clichéd. All public institutions – be it the NHS, BBC, Parliament, Whitehall – incur waste. Giant blue chip conglomerations incur even greater waste but they are not subjected to public scrutiny and transparency they way state bodies are, primarily because they don’t have to be open with their losses. Look at the waste the Royal Bank of Scotland has made, which has only come to public attention because we the people are its biggest stakeholders. Should we streamline RBS? Can we get rid of the free lunches they offer workers at their Baker Street HQs? Perhaps we can put limits on their use of utility functions (heating, water, lights) during office hours? The point is the NHS is always subject to firing squads while the private sector gets away with murder. BUPA is a charitable trust that receives massive tax breaks, yet we never question what they give back to society in return for this. BUPA should be made to earn its charitable tax privileges and forced to take on poor ill people with complex and costly health needs, yet as a society we are not demanding that. We just carry on and accept it.

    Lexie, it’s just semantics for you to denounce my use of ‘average MSers’ in favour of your appropriation of ‘a lot of people with MS’ with regards to the right to buy new DMT treatments. If you and those in agreement of your views want to buy drugs that NICE has not sanctioned then I strongly believe you should travel to another country to receive it. There is no way it will be fair to administer such treatments on British soil to those that can afford it. That will be heinously inappropriate and immoral. There is no guarantee that multiple infusions of Campath-1H will cease disability onset and progression, but if you want access to a medicine that not all MSers have access to on cost grounds then I am afraid you should pay to go to another country and purchase such privileges. Either we are in it together or not at all. We, as humans, have a responsibility to each other. Stop fighting for your own needs and get with other British MSers and fight for your equal rights to such drugs. You can do it, love. Ghandi brought down the entire British Empire through mass scale peaceful protests; Caesar Chavez changed American employment laws through equally well thought out social change measures. The key is for you to think big, not small. The change will not come from just your wellbeing, rather more, through the wellbeing of every person living with MS in Britain. If there isn’t the will to force such change for us all then I am afraid none of you should have the right to getting new therapies.

    Don Giovannoni, MouseDoctors, Posey, Lexie, et al, I am not a trouble maker. I have strong socialistic views, but I am not trying to upset any of you. I am lucky enough to have been educated and developed through entirely state funded opportunities, as have 99% of all British people. I am a product of the British state and feel I must work in the interests of the British people who have supported me. If we lived in a society where we just look out for ourselves then my attitude may have been different, but we do not. I am proud to be a young British guy that thinks like that. Many of my generation probably couldn’t care less, but I do.

    Big up the NHS!

    • Doctor Dre, have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? I'm curious to know what you make of the wave of British banks, law firms, stockbrokers, and hedge funds organising fancy-dress screenings of the movie? (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2543619/How-Wolf-Wall-Street-folk-hero-Britains-bankers-City-traders-dress-honour-sleazy-crook-story-hit-film.html).

      It's shameless, don't you think? It's terrible especially when you consider the themes of pervasive greed the film celebrates. I wonder if Big Pharma is organising screenings, too?

    • the film "Love and Other Drugs" showed Big Pharma sponsored orgies that doctors get invited to in return for prescribing their medicines. I bet stuff like that does happen in some countries. (Looking at you, America :-))

    • Dre, I salute you. You are my rock in this pharma sea, keeping Don Giovannoni and mouse doctor (shouldn't have any conflicts of interest as a basic scientist but has his own pharma company) in check. Keep going and never give up!!

    • Dr. Dre, love, let's just think through a few points. You suggest that everyone should pay 30% tax from the first bit of money they earn to the multi millionaire presumably, and that this would bring in oodles of cash like in Scandinavia. How? The multi millionaire might be happy, but the poor lad on £8,000 a year wouldn't- unless you think he would think it's for the greater good. Not taxing the poor and taxing the rich more heavily is surely a socialist principle. 30% of £8,000 brings in nothing like 40% for those over £100,000 a year. The average Swede pays 48% tax.

      I agree all big institutions waste money- but 2 wrongs don't make a right. I agree that the banks are a shameless, and we need a fairer system, but don't destroy our economy in the process. Even if you hate the City, it brings in billions of revenue to this country.

      You say that those who want drugs that NICE won't prescribe and can afford them should go abroad. I totally disagree. I'm for choice- I don't want to live in a totalitarian state that tells me what I can and can't spend my money on. Have you read Animal Farm? I am also a product of the state school system and think that in the main GB is a fair and tolerant society.

      PS Although I am for private prescribing, I don't want to destroy the NHS (picture on the left)- I think it's creaky but great.

    • If you follow the blog you will know that I don't listen to Rap:-)
      This is especially when rap is intertwined with c

    • Anon 7:59 "mouse doctor (shouldn't have any conflicts of interest as a basic scientist but has his own pharma company)"
      As the only way to develop an experimental compound (for spasticity in this case) is to form a company in order to raise money to take things forward (safety/clinical trials etc), Mouse Doctor is to be applauded not belittled. His conflict of interest is he wants to improve the lot for MSers. Something you might be in favour of?

  • Here’s how I feel about things, and where I stand on this blog:

    Whereas I am like Elvis Presley, Don Giovannoni is like Cliff Richard

    Don Giovannoni seems a noble and sincere bloke, but he gets uppity when I question his veneration of toxic medicines as a means of curing MS. He does not advocate the holistic benefits of clean living and positive frame of mind enough. Instead, he badgers on about medicines that can potentially do more harm than good. Nonetheless, although he and I are very different, I think he loves the NHS as much as I do and will fight for it to the end.

    Whereas I am like Poly Styrene from the X-Ray Spex, Lexi is like Cilla Black

    Lexi, baby, we ain’t reading from the same hymn sheet here. Believe me when I say that the bloke on eight grand per- year who gets taxed 30% will be doing cartwheels when he sees how much better public services become. The rich will always begrudge using public services because they’ll consider themselves too elite and will always opt for pony options. This is cool because it’ll mean more for you, me and the kid on £8,000; and best of all is that the rich dude still has to fork out more for us. We’ll all be winners. I also think you should go to Canada for Lemtrada treatment because I sense you need a holiday.

    Whereas as I am like PJ Harvey, Posy is like Millie Small

    Posy actually scares me. Her stance on getting rid of freebie food on outpatient wards is akin to Thatcher snatching my milk at school. She may be the sweetest person in real life, but her hardcore principals leave me blue.

    Whereas I am Keith Moon, MouseDoc 2 is like Pete Townshend

    I like you MD II. I think you and me are fighting for a similar cause, but your big brother Baker (PhD) tries to bully you into disagreeing with me even though you know I’m on to something when I say Iron Maiden sucks and that you should scratch his records.

    Whereas I am like Sid Vicious, MouseDoctor is like Neil Sedaka

    It’s really not cool when you’re constantly belittling me, MouseDoc. I have never even heard of Citizen Smith and you’re using oldie worlde references because your mind is stuck somewhere in the halcyon days of 1970s gawkiness. What annoys me most is that I will say something profoundly thought provoking and you will just try and make fun of me in seriously boring ways. I sense you’re one of those old guys that dislike younger generations and are always on the attack. You’re just grumpy.

    In conclusion: all of you need to be more rock’n’roll and less Mary Whitehouse

    • If you are going to dish the dirt you have to expect some mud slinging. You seem to be a sensitive soul so oh bondage up yours 🙂

      I think you write some very sensible things but then stretch it so far left field. Truth sometimes hurts.

      P.s. See x ray spex before the outrage on the comments. I saw them in about 1976.

    • pps up the irons and rap sucks. You complain about some jests and you compare me to Neil Sedarka whos doing the insults herr 🙂

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