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You are given the option of saying posts are unhelpful, helpful; or very helpful

Recently we have been getting a few too many “unhelpfuls”. 
Whilst this may be the last option open to a troll, you may have some justified reason for this. 

In the interests of feedback it would be helpful to say why it is unhelpful., remembering we are about Good and BAD news…

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  • The best solutin is to scrap the reactions option. Nothing is done with it. Just post research with your commentary and readers can like it or not.

  • Cowardliness/stupidity imho. It's a dumb/difficult disease, but I like to express my gratefulness to the people working on this now and then.. just disregard the ''unhelpful' without comments reactions. I do. the silent Yes!- 'No reaction'-crowd is far bigger.

  • You are trying to reach different audiences here. Some of your posts are hard to follow without a background in molecular biology. That's ok. But I don't find them 'helpful' to my path with this illness.

    • Point taken…the blog audience is quite diverse and sometimes wedont make enough time to explain it enough but if you don't understand say so, you can be sure there are people in the same boat as you.

  • I find these posts very helpful, whether or not I agree or understand the detail! Please continue; it does make sense to scrap the option – better to just comment.

    • EAE studies give you "cure of the week" and the future maybe you don't want to hear about that but it seems you want to hear about repair..this is largely science fiction in animals at the moment.

      Likewise part of the function of the blog is to tell people what we do some of that may be EAE

  • The option is not available on the mobile version so I never use it. I would not change anything. I think you are doing a good job. If people just want to just talk about their problems with ms and how poorly scientists are at finding a cure and that they are in bed with big pharma, there are dozens of other forums for this. This site is unique.

  • You are right I guess, anonymous 6:08, but I appreciate this blog precisely because of it. Thank God there are people more intelligent, and more specialized then I.Tap 'ms' into google or something for more comprehensible news 🙂
    Thanks for being there blog

  • I've been talking to academic friends lately about Nicholas Kristof's editorial in last week's New York Times about the inaccessibility of academic expertise to the general public. Kristof cited a journal that forbid its reviewers to blog. One academic friend said that you can't popularize scientific knowledge because the nuance is usually removed, and it just leads to misunderstandings. Another academic said that people today are anti-intellectual and aren't interested in complex ideas.

    Throughout these conversations, I hold up this blog as a shining example of academics reaching out to the public. It's true, you really can't explain your work and views in a 500-word popular article. But by reading most days and seeing your responses to comments, I have a much better understanding of the state of and issues around MS research. I wish more academics would participate in social media like this, fighting inaccurate information while setting realistic expectations about what you know and don't know.

    So, I'd say, overall, the blog is generally always helpful. Thanks.

  • I never bother with the un/helpful comentsd at the end. Some of the stuff you put up is complete gobbledy-gook but keep it going cos other people will understand and be interested. There are other posts which I find very interesting. I'm sure this blog id read by a very very divese group of people and you cannot please all the people all the time.

    What ever you do do not stop this blog, far far too interesting and nothing else like it that I have come across.

    Incidentally any more news on the MS Open day?

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