ECTRIMS Selling Dirty Laundry?

We were at a leaving do yesterday and it came out that one of the team got a bit of grief over this picture (Hope they are not scarred for life:-) featuring a stand at ECTRIMS. It obviously touched a nerve.

So in response to this knowledge. I repost the picture, just to tweak the nerve again:-). 

What will happen this year in Boston ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS 2014

Will austerity hit pharma and they recycle stands and the laundry comes out again..yep I’m having a laugh or will the Red Queen be in action again. 

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  • Apparently 800 attended the first ectrims and now it is 8000. We need some honesty guys. If these conferences were so awful no one would attend. They are usually in nice places, reasonable hotels, nice food etc. Good opportunity to pick up some freebies and escape London / your other halves. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I'm sure the same applies to MS conferences. Prof G is giving a number of presentations which I guess will generate more work / wonga. I see the MS society of Australia is holding a progress in ms research conference this November. Book your Quantas flights now. But let's be honest, if thee conferences were so awful / tiring. I'd bet my last dollar that Prof G will be at the next European Charcot symposium, AAN annual conference, next year's ECTRIMS / ACTRIMS. And it's because of us guys with MS who've made it all possible. Prof Mouse probably won't attend another. Mainly because EAE is in it's death throes. Sooner or later a maverick researcher will find the cause / cure and then no more conferences. I'm guessing he won't win any popularity contest with the researchers who've made a lifetime career out of this disease.

    • Could be a she not a he:-)……….. These conferences are about meeting people and learning

      I did not say conferences are awful far from it.

      What happens in Vegas stays in Vegus…Em haven't you heard of social media.

    • If the meeting has many thousands of attendees it is because they are popular some Neuroscience meetings may have 15,000 plus.

      Prof G attends many meetings because he is invited to attend…because people value his opinion.

      I attend meetings I am invited to

    • Denmark is famous for two things – beer and bacon. I'm sure you've OD'd on both.

      You deserve a break – cleaning up mice droppings all day must be depressing. I'm not sure you were invited. I heard prof g needed someone to carry his bags. Don't let him walk all over you mouse.

    • If a maverick researcher finds a cure, the current researchers won't like that? Call me an idealist but I think MS researchers know more than most how awful this disease is.

    • As an MSer, I'm grateful that these meetings exist and that Team G goes to them. I live 250 miles from the nearest MS expert. However, I have an awesome young neurologist who seems to care deeply about his patients. He doesn't have the bandwidth to become an expert in MS, ALS, Alzheimers, muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, and everything else thrown at him. But I know he talks to experts in these areas. I know he goes to meetings. He probably doesn't read this blog, but my guess is that through meetings and networking, Prof. G's "treat early and aggressively" message will reach him sooner rather than later.

    • That's very insulting dear Anon 12:50, I think there are plenty of other ilnesses they need to take care of and yes I also beleive they want us the get cured. At least the ones I've met including the bunch on this blog.
      Best regards
      /Swedish Sara

    • We get called many named…nutter well maybe. This week i have been called a drugdealer by one of our trolls based on some videos well they wil now have to call me buffy….
      Dont get it?

  • "Mainly because EAE is in it's death throes."
    Bad EAE studies, possibly, good EAE studies with clinical relevance, No. Our studies are of the highest quality. Plenty of mileage in our model yet as you will see when our latest publications are posted.

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