Insanesberries NHSnectar Card Scheme (CARE-DATA) Put on Hold!

So the Great sale of your medical records by NHS England has been delayed and CARE-DATA has been put on hold until the Autumn/Fall. It seems that crisis talks are taking place over the future of the Care Data after the British Medical Association called for a halt until it was better communicated to the public. Some of you may have heard about it here.

They (NHS England) had given you until March to Opt-Out of the system, but spent no time convincing you why you should opt-in to such a scheme.

Having a UK wide data base could have immense benefits and so you need to read the details. However ,who was going to get access to this data?  This is where it gets more murky

It seems some “carefully selected” people like insurance companies and pharma who pay for the pleasure may get access. This may make the scheme sound less appealing to many especially when this data may not be that anonymous e.g. how many people in your street (identified from your postcode/zip code) have your sex and age (identified from the data). 

So targeted advertising could be coming your way or worse higher insurance premiums..Call me cynical

So it now seems that the UK Government is giving you more time to think about this and will postpone this until the Autumn/fall  

If you want to opt-in follow the links and read the material click here. If you do, Do Nothing and You are in. 

If after reading the information (above) you want to opt-out. This is how you do it (I’ld still do this before March) as GPs are not making this clear. You can click here so see an older post on this and get the form that needs to be filled in and sent to your GP.

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