MS the Cash Cow 2013


#1 Glaterimer acetate Teva     $4.3 billion

#2 Avonex Biogen Idec           $3.0 billion

#3 Gilenya Novartis                 $1.9 billion

#4 Tysabri Biogen  Idec           $1.7 billion

#5 Betaseron Bayer                 $1.1 billion

#6 Tecfidera Biogen Idec        $0.9 billion

#7 Rebif EMD serono              $0.6 billion

#8 Ampyra Biogen Idec           $0.3 billion

#9 Aubagio Sanofi                   $0.2 billion

#10 Extavia Novartis               $0.2 billion

Wow no wonder MS is seen as a Cash Cow. 

Teva soaring out in front on a single product and it is no surprise that the Generics pack are waiting in the rear ready for the copaxone patents to expire starting May 2014. However Biogen are backing the most winners with a staggering $5.8 billion worth of business

Interesting that sales of Extavia are so much lower than Betaseron, for what is essentially the same product in different packaging. This shows what brand loyalty and a bit of marketing can do. 

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  • sorry thought I pressed "reply" and it was "delete" do comment gone forever. Owever to answer your question. Yes I did watch the BBC programme on Placebos this week. The placebo effect is amazing but as ever with recent horizon programmes there was no punch line

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