Supermarket NHS…Now selling Your Details

#MSResearch. Do you want the #NHS selling you health details

The NHS is becoming like a supermarket.

Should we rebrand NHS England and call it Insanesberries?

We recently heard how Private Prescriptions have snook onto the agenda without any big debate by any of the Political Parties or News Media Coverage.

Now you have real marketing by pharma. 

Yes get Free trial…then you have to pay to stay. 

This is not NetFlix or other stuff, but this is pharma going fishing for your health.

If you try a drug and it works are you going to want to go backwards?
It’s like getting a Sat Nav or a Dish washer…there is no going back!.. However you only have to buy a Sat Nav once….not every day or week.
What Next? 2 for 1 or 3 for 2. 
I realise this is no big shakes for our US readers where most of the TV Commercials are for this or that drug. However.

What every supermarket is doing is offering Loyalty cards, so for every Pound your spend you get a point collect a few thousands points and get a 5p off voucher.
However, you get more than that…… you get mail, phones calls etc of people offering you this and that. 
The supermarkets monitor everything you spend and make a profile for each customer.
They use for Marketing or they sell to third parties so that you can be targeted.
Yep Google is no different they track every where you go and sooner or latter Pharma will pay google to get details of anyone visiting sites so they can keep you up todate with the latest offers.
However so is the NHS, they are about to sell your loyalty card details, only it is your health records that they are selling.
So despite good intentions should you get ready for those leaflets on Piles, Hearing Aids etc creeping through your door
Do you want a NHSectar Card…NO
You can do something about this! You can OPT OUT!
You have until March and then they will be selling off your information to Drug and Insurance firms harvested from your GP and Hospital Records in a single Digitised data base. 
Will this make easier easier to get medical advances? 
Or is it the thin edge of a wedge?
The Health and Social Care Information Centre with get access to your “Care Data” firms will then be able to get access to Pseudoanonymous data your name may be removed but according to media sources (can we trust them either?) they may get your NHS number. How long is it going to take for someone to join the Dots. So NHS England starts NHSectar the insainsberries loyalty card. 
Last Month Leaflets were sent out.. Did you see one?……I didn’t!!! Maybe went straight to Recycle)
They also made a video

Funny how they have that Nice Northern Voice to lull you into that sense of Trust. So it not only sells washing powder, but now your details.

Big databases can make joined up services but only if it is the hands of the right people. Is an insurance company the right person?
If you are not interested in being part of Medical Big Brother then contact your GP before March

You can Opt out of Being in the Data Base
Should you get an Opt Out of the Information being Sold

Funny they can do this without much discussion.
Why not make it an Opt Out to be an ORGAN DONOR whilst they’re at it… or are they planning on finding buyers first! :-).

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  • Must admit, I'm pretty suspicious of this and I've heard nearly 50% of doctors don't want their medical details in this data base, which is telling. The cases of private data held by government shown not to be secure or lost in the pub are too numerous to be ignored.
    How about MSers?

  • I've seen it and I thought it was going to be anonymous. No name, no NHS number. How do you reckon they will join the dots and get a named individual? I thought it was for the greater good, making sure you had the right health care strategies for the area you live in.

    • Maybe the Media I leached this from have got their facts wrong but if they haven't then it is pseudoanonymous.

      History has shown us how hackers get into databases. This could be a great challenge for them a cyber join the dots game. Then you have people who loose memory sticks with files on them…

      Every week we hear of peoples details being leaked

      As to health care strategies I have no issue with but should they be selling of information?

    • wrong if you read the info on the NHS site your NHS number is there.

      Your NHS number is a direct line to you, without this information you don't easily join the dots. Will this information get leaked at some stage.

      However without that I suspect with the postcode, age and sex (also nformation to be sold) which will be also given out I suspect it will also be pretty easy to tie it down to individuals. How many people in your street have the same birthdate? Not many unless you are a twin. I suggest that you read the information given and decide if you want to participate, however there has been a half-assed attempt to inform, is this due to ineptitude or some form of secret deal

  • I can see the NHS is in trouble. They have to make their commercials using play-doh. They must be running out of money.

    • I think this is a great idea and has my support. I see no reason why the NHS can't make money out of its/your data; other industries have been doing this for decades.

  • How exactly can one opt out please?

    Can you list the steps to follow?

    I called my GP's practice this morning and they have no clue….

    • Mine too…the staff were totally clueless. It ensures there is maximum take up because as people don't know what is going in it will be a done deal.

      Please see yesterdays post on this we have located a pdf form to download decide what access you want to give and then send back to GP.

  • In the Telegraph yesterday it told of a family practise doctor in Oxford with 38 years experience who has stated on his website that he intends to keep his patients' records private. He's been told by his local bosses that he may be closed down because of this. Big Brother?

  • Why opt out if information if personal identifiers are removed?

    Let pharma and anybody else use the information, it doesn't do you any harm!
    They may use it for marketing but it's more likely that they use it for research

    • Based on the NHS website personal identifiers may not really be removed. If they were it would be more reassuring.

      It is personsal choice to sign up or not to sign up. However I receieved no information that this was occuring and you need to be informed to make a choice. I suspect that most people are not aware that this data is being collected.

  • So, the data is now out and being mapped and analysed. Watching sadly from across the pond. Hoping that the EU offers rights of action to individual as well as government for privacy violations and that the individual members of that consulting firm get hit with more law suits than they can afford to defend. Google also has a lot to answer for.

    • Not yet I believe there was a postponement on the date to allow the issue to be public to be be better consulted.

      As for Google they are the all seeing eye… & .probably the best spying device ever.

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