Australian Lecture Tour March 2014

Lectures from my Australian Tour for download. #MSblog #MSResearch

“As promised  the following are my lectures from the last week. I had a very enjoyable stay in Australia despite having a severe cold or flu and jet lag. Australians are very hospitable and friendly. Australian MSers are very fortunate in that all the DMTs are available as first-line treatments in Australia and Australian MSologists are already practising treat-2-target of NEDA. Next time I visit Australia I plan to see Perth and Melbourne.”

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  • Prof G,

    Thanks. Did you get an opportunity to meet Prof Pender? As the Aussies already practice NEDA and have all the DMTs available as first line treatments, weren't you preaching to the converted? As they seem to be already on board, perhaps Aussie neuros should be coming to the UK to give lectures.

    • Re: "Did you get an opportunity to meet Prof Pender?"

      Yes, I had a one-on-one meeting with Prof. Pender. He needs to test his hypothesis in additional MSers and if it is safe there needs to be a randomised controlled trial. Cellular therapies need to be judged on the same standards as other treatments.

    • Re: "….weren't you preaching to the converted?"

      Treatment strategies were only one aspect of the tour; I think the social media sessions and fatigue talks were better received. Interestingly there is an amazing number of foreign trained neurologists working in Australia; I met a large number of British neurologists who had moved there.

    • Re: "It could be because of the weather !"

      I agree; most have moved there from established NHS posts. Better working condition and a greater lifestyle (space, outdoors, sunshine, running, etc.).

    • Re: "Prof G do you agree with Prof Pender's theory on how EBV causes MS?"

      We agree on EBV being casually linked to MS; we don't agree on the mechanism. I will have to do a separate post on why this is. There is too much to discuss and not enough flexibility in a comment box.

  • Many thanks Gavin, not only for presenting a really thought provoking lecture in Brisbane but also for kindly answering my multitude of questions despite suffering jet lag & the flu.

    • Re: "…,despite suffering jet lag & the flu."

      Thanks. I now have a secondary infection post-flu and I am on antibiotics. I enjoyed my visit a lot. Australia reminds me a lot of South Africa.

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