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“I spoke at the 3rd International MS Physician Summit, in Prague, over the weekend. Since the first summit in London in 2012, and the second summit in Berlin in 2013, things have definitely changed on the therapeutic landscape. More than ever personalized medicine is now a reality and the issues that dictate prescribing in MS are becoming more complex. Neurologists want a simple algorithm to help them make the decision on which treatment to choose and when to switch and/or escalate treatments. I gave two talks around this issue. I suspect I disappointed the audience as there are no hard and fast rules to make complex decisions. My two talks were quite soft with a deliberate focus on my treatment philosophy with the aim of getting people to adopt the early, highly-effective, induction-therapy, arguments or at least a rapid escalation strategy. I want physicians to adopt the treat-2-target of NEDA paradigm with zero tolerance. I cannot accept the grey zone of smouldering MS as a half-way house. A large number of delegates asked for my slides, which I have uploaded for you onto SlideShare. Apologies, for not uploading the talk I gave with Mar Tintore, from Barcelona; I don’t think it would appropriate to distribute her slides, which contain unpublished data from her centre.”

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