Now the COP wars

#MS Research #MSBlog Cop wars on the way as Teva get competition

We recent post on the MOD wars as alternatives are in development for FingoliMOD, now the COP wars
Copaxone also originally known as COP-1 and now know as glaterimer acetate, the biggest grossing MS drug has competitors. This was the first drug  generated out of EAE..and has spawned the development of COP-2 another random mix of amino acids by a University, which is being developed by Big Pharma.

The patents protecting COP-1 are running out and Teva upped the price in the US to eerk out that last bit of gratuitous profit before the generics waiting in the vanguard can get a slice of the action. 

However, because it is a random mix of amino acids and not just a straight chemical Teva and the competitors have been locked into legal battles. It has been argued that because these products are not the same the competitors will need to do their own phase III trials, adding cost and delaying things…..This of courses help the generics company justify their high price

So one of the pack Synthon (a Dutch company) have just announced that their phase III trial showed equivalence to that of Glaterimer acetate, and is that just as good.

So competition is coming…..a price war or a love-in? 

I predict a Love-in, maybe it will be a little cheaper like the difference between Betaseron and Extavia. However, this example only goes to show that you are happy to pay the price for the cardboard as reported previously as there is no difference between the two and there apparently is no difference between Synthon acetate. Brand loyalty.

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