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In relation to a comment I made about getting information from reputable sites, one academic person asked me “How do you know your blog is, and your comments are, any good?”

I am not one to blow trumpets but…….I had to fess up that there were no committees commenting and vetting our posts or committees patting us on the back. In fact we have very little infrastructure…unlike many other information sites….hence sleep deprivation and the occasional howler (Sorry). 

Although on balance we get more positive responses than negative responses….this is self-selecting. This is because if you don’t like what you read (accepting that the content is not always for the faint-hearted) you will go elsewhere. 

Be warned,  if you want to walk the walk,……ProfG may invite you to talk the talk and put you head above the parapet.  

e.g. We invited VV to “Question Time” to be the task master. He declined to attend, but did kindly sent some answers. Maybe we will get some ‘Rappin’ if we can ever get a politician to discuss privatisation of the NHS.
Whilst we could spend all of our time collecting “metrics” to work out what we and others do or we can try and do something useful.  

Maybe we need a clap o meter to see if Opportunity Knocks, but we have the click-o-meter and having passed 2 million views last week and more than a million hits in the last year, we must be doing something useful? 

I doubt that you will find many senior neurologists sticking their neck on the block and actually doing a Q & A facility. Maybe I am wrong.

Sometimes you just have to do it, because if you sit on your bums discussing every thing, nothing gets done.

P.S. You don’t need to respond I am not fishing for complements, in fact I’ve turned em off.

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