Novartis Launch Symtrac an ap to monitor your progress

Having problems remembering what is going on, Novartis UK has just launched a new iphone Ap apparently Android Ap to Follow Soon for the 4Rs of Relapse (Recognise, Record, Report, Review)


SymTrac™ is a free iPhone app that apparently helps people with MS track general well being and symptoms over time. The data recorded can be viewed in easy-to-read charts and shared with MS specialist teams to enhance consultation time and support decision making. 
Designed by people with MS for people with MS, SymTrac™ allows users to make the most of their vital consultation time by providing an objective picture of how their MS has been since their last appointment.
This is an ap to help you remember your signs and symptoms and you can see the video and down load the app or even get the paper version if you are worried about “Big Brother”  and Pharma 
There is a video by our World Champion paralympian swimmer Stephanie Millward

When she came to the Lab she had the most cracked and manky iphone I have ever seen. Hopefully this means she got a new iphone, so she can more easily text that she got a Gold in Rio, Brazil 2016

Obviously read the small print to make sure you are happy with the freebie and any information may be collected (click here for privacy policy) and click here for the Ap.

Is it user friendly such that it is a pal for life or a toy for a week or two. ProfG and MD do not have an iphone and will have to wait for android version, etc. to test drive it

CoI: None really personally although was given a SymTrac badge at MS life, but TeamG lab has Multiple CoI. 

This post is for your information and is not an endorsement as I haven’t used it…Dear Novartis how about a 5S please 🙂 

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