Scouring for a brilliant new treatment for MS

Every year we hear about new treatments some from Neuros on the tele and in the scientific literature others come over the internet. These can take hold. Don’t we know it.

So is the next great hope, after Faecal transplants of course, could be the humble Scouring pad. People often ask us for Soap Boxes on how to avoid a neuro, so he’s a new one for SoapBox Corner

“I receive daily blogs from yourselves without opportunity to reply. I have much to say about the cause and progress of this wretched condition, from which I have suffered for more than 30 years. How can my voice be heard?

I have been banging my head against a brick wall for the last three years. MS is actually very simple to understand when approached from physics and not chemistry. It seems everybody is looking for a miracle pill to treat it but they will not find one because it is not a chemical problem.

To put it in a nutshell – iron deposits are vibrating at 50Hz (even while they are still on the plate in the food we eat!)

I have demonstrated to my neurologist how it can be stopped with very simple screening which can be as simple as placing steel wire wool in the pillow at night. Stray electromagnetic fields are reduced from 35milligauss to less than 1milligauss around the head. There has been no new demyelination for more than 5 years since implementing this.

The next step is to reduce iron deposits and I am currently exploring iron chelation to enable remyelination.

Do you have any recommendations?”

Yes I do.

So we have it all wrong and it is physics and not biology that is the problem. So this is why there is no MS on the equator.

We do know that MS and other conditions are associated with the accumulation of iron within the brain. 
Is this the solution to the cure of MS? 

But before you rush out to put that scourning pad under the pillow or shell out a few quid, I give this challenge to all would be theorists whether they are doctors, scientists or others.

Get off your bum and prove it! 
You don’t have to have lab to do Science after all Look at Channel 4’s Food Hospital

So the first step to this approach is getting rid of 
Armchair Science and give us some real proper empiracal data. 
Anecdote is no antidote to bad science.

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