Your Coments are like Les Dawson

You ask Why’s your English so Bad? 

Sorry it’s Poor English and a Crappy smartphone and a touch of Dyslexia. So when you see an odd letter, particularly in the comments, look to the left or right on the keyboard for lettersand maybe more sense may appear.
Les dawson was a British Comedian. He also was a talented pianist but developed a gag where he would begin to play a familiar piece such as Betthoven’s Monnlight Sonata. After he had established the identity of the piece being performed, Dawson would introduce hideously wrong notes (yet not to the extent of destroying the identity of the tune) without appearing to realise that he had done so, while smiling and apparently relishing the accuracy and soul of his own performance.


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  • Oh I'm miss Les Dawson but Purleeze there's really no need to explain. Most of us are not that pedantic and have suffered from fat finger syndrome on a smart phone keyboard. We get the gist. Anyone whole feels the need to correct the errant grammar should probably get out more.

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