Show me the Money

Corboy JR. The relationship between physicians and Pharma: Playing the devil’s advocate. Neurol Clin Pract. 2014;4(2):161-163.

All who practice medicine face, on a daily basis, conflicts of interest (COIs) that have the potential to affect patient care. COIs may exist within our own practice. We may choose to perform (or not perform) a procedure that may (or may not) benefit the patient but clearly brings income to the practice; we may see patients in the office for services that might just as easily be taken care of by phone.

Is this the problem when finance mixes with medicine?

Could this influence a neuros choice in drug suggestions? 
A pill, which doesn’t bring in the added extras or an injection that needs you to come into the clinic plus lots of blood tests.

NHS Docs don’t personally pocket from these choices, this is not always the case elsewhere.

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