Tremor worsening is less if your are on a high effective DMT

John R. Rinker, Amber R. Salter, Gary R. Cutter Improvement of multiple sclerosis-associated tremor as a treatment effect of natalizumab DOI: 10.1016/j.msard.2014.04.001

Background:Tremor is among the most physically disabling symptoms associated with MS. The effect of MS disease modifying therapies (DMTs) on the severity of MS tremor is unclear.
Objective: To compare the change over time in scores reflecting tremor severity between subjects treated with natalizumab and other disease modifying drugs.
Methods: Questionnaires were sent to North American Research Committee on MS registrants reporting mild or greater tremor on semi annual updates. Respondents on natalizumab and other MS therapies completed a survey which included tremor-specific scales to indicate tremor severity both currently and when the current therapy was initiated. Differences between natalizumab and non-natalizumab groups were compared using ANOVA.
Results: Surveys were returned by 567 registrants, including 202 taking natalizumab. Subjects on natalizumab were more likely to report tremor improvement (29.6%) than those never (15.2%) or previously (14.8%, p=0.0002) on natalizumab. Over a mean recall period of 6.2+4.6 years, the Tremor Related Activities of Daily Living score worsened by 1.8 points among natalizumab-treated subjects, 3.3 points among those previously on natalizumab, and 5.3 points among those who never took natalizumab (p=0.009).
Conclusion: Respondents taking natalizumab were more likely to experience tremor improvement than those taking other MS disease modifying therapies.

If you can get your MS in check some of the symptoms may reduce. In this study people with tremor, taking Tysabri had a better course than in people not taking tysabri

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  • When I had my second relapse this was severe and I had a few tremors. These occured later on about ten months after the start of this relapse. The tremors were four resting tremors in my left foot. It was a vibration not a spasm and lasted for about three or four seconds each time and would be when I was half asleep in bed. I also had what seemed a spine tremor again resting either sitting up or laying down. From my reading of academic articles resting tremors are not that common in MS and can be indicative of medication or another cause. I was not on any medication and I don't think I have any other condition (other than some PNS involement in my MS).

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