Who Chooses?

Here is a recent comment I picked off the web about treatment

“Whether your Neuro will put you forward for it (a drug) is another question…….”

This is a common theme. 

Is it right that your Neuro plays God?…

For many I suspect this is the view…and if they get it right you  will sing their praise. 

Your Neuro has trained for years so that they should understand what is on offer.  

However, it is clear that many MSers are not up to speed with their options (Based on conversations at MS life 2014) and so rely on their Neuros for guidance and information. 
But you may miss out if your neuro makes the wrong choice. It is your body! It is you risk!

So the more you know, the more you are empowered to discuss with your neuro the best options that you have.

If you don’t like what you hear, you can always get a second opinion

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  • I'm in the US and responding well to glatirimer. Earlier this week, I asked my neuro if he would give me alemtuzumab when it's approved, and he agreed! Talk about changing attitudes! I thought it would be a fight and I'd have to show up with a handful of studies to make my case or travel to an MS center that was more open to new treatments. But no. He discouraged me from jumping to other first-line meds, including the orals, as long as Copaxone was working, but he said he'd support me if I wanted to be more aggressive with my disease. Now it's up to the FDA and insurance company.

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