5th Research Day

Don’t forget to register is you want to come to the UCL Research Day at the The Grange Hotel, St.Pauls London on Saturday June 14th, 2014 

The registration details are there on the left. 

In addition if you are unable to attend and registered,  we would be grateful if you would let the organisers know because whilst it may not cost you there are costs for hosting these events.

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  • Dear Mouse Doctor:

    Thank you for all of the work your team puts into this excellent resource.

    Will a web video of the 5th Research Day be available for those who are unable to attend?

    Best of luck with your meeting.

    • That was the plan last i heard. There may be some that are too shy/frightened about being filmed. But hey ho with regard public engagment you can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink. Whats new in the lab may be one such aspect as it some of it is commercially a ademically sensitve….i.e. people can nick your ideas….however it is science fiction and fifteen years from being a treatment maybe it wont be the end of the world.
      I guess some haven,t heard of iphones speak in public T your peril :-).

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