Multiple Sclerosis Management 2014, Vienna: Social Media and MS

How do you feel about your neurologists engaging with you using social media? #MSBlog #MSResearch

“I was meant to attend the ‘Multiple Sclerosis Management 2014: Raising expectations’ meeting in Vienna yesterday, but had to pull out because of domestic commitments. I managed to give my talk using a webinar format at it seemed to go well, but it is difficult to know how well when you have no real eye contact with the audience. I was asked to talk on the role of social media in communicating and raising MSer expectations. This is now the fourth time that either Prof B or myself have been asked to do this. It must relate to us being bloggers. I think the community are beginning to see that the advantages of being involved in social media outweigh the disadvantages. I also hope by giving these talks more clinicians and scientists will become engaged either by starting their own blogs or by simply using this platform and doing guest posts.”

“As a result of a surge in interest in social media and the ease of use of setting-up and running webinars using Google Hangouts we will be running a series of these after the summer. To get a sense of adoption of social media by the MSology community can you please complete this short survey. Thanks. “

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