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It was mentioned that we are welcome to use the slides, so as much blogging as diagnosing.

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  • What do you mean by symptomatic? How is that different to diagnostic and DMTs? They are all just part of the job, aren't they?

  • symptomatic are the signs on symptoms such as bladder, pain, spasms spasticity etc, etc
    Diagnostic is as it says on the tins giving diagnosis and DMT are to treat relapses, symptomatic is dealng with the consequences of MS. They are all part of the job

  • I presume that attending / presenting at conferences is not included in clinical time, so why is blogging ?

    So a new MSer would first present at clinic for diagnostics, then move on to DMTs. It would be interesting to split the Symptomatic time between RRMS, PPMS and SPMS. Is there evidence that treating early and aggressively with DMTs reduces symptomatic time ?

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