Progressive MS Alliance

Dealing with Progression in MS is top of the agenda and has been some years but this has become focussed with the action of the Progressive MS Alliance (CLICK HERE)

Current members are: 
Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (Italy) 
Esclerosis Múltiple España (Spain) 
MS Society (UK) 
Multiple Sclerosis International Federation 
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada 
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (USA) 
Sclerose foreningen (Denmark) 

The Progressive MS Alliance has four priorities:
We will better understand progression so we can identify and test treatments
We will design shorter, faster trials that measure patient outcomes
We will conduct trials to test agents
We will develop and evaluate new therapies to manage symptoms

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  • Looks like more grant funding for researchers rather that soon to be available treatments for patients.

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