Research Day Saturday 14 June

If possible please bring your printed ticket as this will save you time on arrival as it avoids you having to give us your details again.

If you forget breakfast on the day, don’t worry there will be tea, coffee and pastries available from 9:30 onwards.

Grange St.Pauls Hotel
10 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5AJ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7074 1000

We have scheduled comfort breaks but please do get up and
move around as you wish. There are plenty of toilet facilities with both male and female banks of 6-8 toilets in most areas. At least one in each bank is wheelchair accessible and we are adding
support rails to the next two in each bank for those who might need them.

There are several lifts available to move between floors for those not able to manage the stairs. Two in the middle and one at either side of the entrance. Note that the one on the right as you come into the hotel has three steps so avoid this one if you’re in a wheelchair. Look out for the MS Team helpers who can direct you to stairs, lifts and toilets both when you arrive and in between talks and lunch.

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  • Well, keep hedgehog ready because I'm boarding my flight.. Really looking forward to be seeing you all again.
    /Swedish Sara

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