Alemtuzumab gets a license in Chile

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“As promised the following are my slides from yesterday’s talk at the SINS meeting in Santiago, Chile. I was asked to talk on alemtuzumab as it has just been given a license in Chile with the same broad indication as that in Europe. Most of the Chilean MSologists I spoke to have a lot of experience using rituximab off-license so I don’t see any problems them using alemtuzumab in their current clinical practice.”

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  • How does rituximab off-license prepare them for alemtuzumab?
    Rituximab does not cause secondary autoimmunity

    • Re: "How does rituximab off-license prepare them for alemtuzumab?"

      We don't know they have never been compared head-2-head and we don't have phase 3 data on rituximab; only phase 2 data.

    • Re: "What is the connection between the Chilean MSologists rituximab experience and future alemtuzumab use>"

      Two reasons; (1) the fact that are prepared to use an induction-like agent (irreversible mode of action) to treat MS means they are psychologically prepared to use alemtuzumab; (2) the set-up for giving rituximab is similar to that what is required to use alemtuzumab.

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