Burning Debates

Today’s Post by ProfG is a subject for a Debate…..

Who’s choice is it? The Informed MSer verses Know-All Neuro ?

However, it should not be “us” verses “them” but what happens when its “them” verses “them?

Can you (the Neuro) justify the “Softly Softly wait and see” verses the “early and risky-effective”? If you can’t, then what are you doing making these decisions for people in your care?

Neuros love a good debate and contrary to what you may think there is not always a uniformity of ideas.

Do you wanna ask the Questions? 
Do you wanna watch? 
Do you wanna decide?

You can.

ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS 2014 is rapidly coming upon us. 

The clash of the Neuros in live streamed/twitter debates is coming

Do you have a twitter account…No….GetOne…..We need your vote!!! or should I say they need your vote…

You choose

Plus Lunchtime (US), teatime (UK) Question Time to bring you up to speed with whats hot to trot.

Do you have any burning questions?

More news to follow.

CoI. We have not connection with Twitter

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