Can we speed up the drug development process?


This is an Ebola virus and it is interesting that governments have approved the testing of an relatively-untested drug (it has not had the proper human trials) in people infected with this deadly virus…..However, when it comes to progressive MS, you have to wait until it goes through years of testing before you get a choice of whether you take the risk of a test drug in a trial. Is it time that governments are more inventive to speed the drug development process up? It should suit pharma and could suit you. 

However, should your protection be the primary driver? This is what the current process aims to do?

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  • Yes! we need experimental drugs which show potential in slowing or stopping progression be given to patients now!

    For us, it is a matter of life and death.

  • Does anyone remember the drug trial on healthy people that went seriously wrong? The Ebola treatment has never been tested on humans. Yes it all needs to be quicker, but how do we weigh up the pros and cons? The trouble with MS nobody knows.

  • Yes – why can't we try drugs for which the safety profile is already known (maybe because they are already used to treat other conditions.) It seems that the physical and mental destruction ms causes does not capture the imagination like ebola, perhaps because it tends to be slower and less visible and so less dramatic. Therefore no sense of urgency amongst policy makers.

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