Digesting Science-Check it Out

Alison and the Guys and Gals from the Lab were doing another Outing of Digesting Science

If you haven’t had a watch and read you don’t know that you are missing. 


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  • MouseDoctor, your natural talents are being wasted. As a "mad scientist" at cbbc your could inspire thousands of kids to go into science – just think of the impact this could have on the world…

    • Thanks or the career advice…maybe working for CBBC would be easier than working in science.

      We are really going to need some charismatic media scientists to enthuse people into a career in science, as sadly there is no career structure. Working from this short contract to that next short contract is a hard way to go and shows how EU policies can be so easily side stepped

      30 years ago science was 80% male, now it it is 80% female…what is this saying?…first women going for the jobs are much better than the males and they are getting the positions on merit….however where are the bright males going?

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