Switching therapies: considerations around alemtuzumab

Are you a switcher? There are several issues that need to be resolved regarding safety. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following are my slides from a talk I gave last night at the SINS meeting in Santiago, Chile. The focus of the talk was an informal discussion of the issues and considerations in relation to switching MSers from one DMT to alemtuzumab. As you are aware from previous posts on the blog that there are many issues that still need to be resolved by doing studies to assess the safety and timing of starting alemtuzumab. My biggest concerns relate to switching patients at high-risk of PML from natalizumab to alemtuzumab and switching patients who have been on fingolimod for a long period of time to alemtuzumab.”

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  • Hello Prof. G,

    How much experience do you have with tysabri->lemtrada direct switchers (without bridging agent)?

    To what extent does it prevent rebound post-tysabri? How severe is the rebound effect in comparison to other drugs?
    Is there any data regarding these question or can you tell us from personal experience?

    Thanks for the Blog!

  • My neuro (a professor like yourself) suggested to go see another neurologist if I wanted to switch from fingolimod. I'm still trying to figure out if he has got a point..

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