TOWIP (Pronounced TAU-IP) The only way is Pharma

TOWIE (pronounced TAU-EE) is a UK reality show of ordinary people doing engineered things and screwing people 
However rather than hear about vagazzles, you want to hear about more substantive issues like what do Pharma get up to…
Is it ordinary people doing engineered things, like setting treatment agendas and ….. making lots money from people with disease…no much difference then 🙂

However, we say “The Only Way is Pharma (TOWIP)” 

Are academic neuros just wasting their time going nowhere fast, we should leave it to pharma because they know best!

Who will win the argument…Academic Neuro or Pharma Exec?

You get to vote….so be there all you academic neuros who are would-be trialists…do your bit to support investigator-led studies,

Pharma reps and staff  is it in your interest to can the neuro, 

Your chance to: Watch Listen and Participate and Vote (You need a twitter account).

Burning Debates coming soon…ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS 2014

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