CCSVI a dead science as far as ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS 2014 is concerned

#MS Research #CCSVI a dead science at #ECTRIMS

M Rasminsky The interaction among patients and their advocates, medicine, science, the media, social media, politics, and granting agencies: the complicated new world of medicine in the Facebook era in which anecdotes can trump reason and science, and in which millions of dollars must be expended to disprove biologically implausible hypotheses.

At ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS2014 there was no mention of CCSVI at all suggesting that Neurological Interest in this has had its day. 

The only presentation mentioning this was about Social media and the presentation had the longest title. 

Neurologists were not in this space and were too slow to counter the hype, particularly by the media.  

Whilst there will be many MSers who will continue to believe or convince themselves about this aspect it  seems that this aspect has largely had its day .

The question is……what’s Next

What does the MS medical community do about Physicians that offer these unsubstantiated treatments for financial this private practise or Fraud?

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