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Ploughman M, Harris C, Hogan SH, Murray C, Murdoch M, Austin MW, Stefanelli M. Navigating the “liberation procedure”: a qualitative study of motivating and hesitating factors among people with multiple sclerosis. Patient Prefer Adherence. 2014;8:1205-13

BACKGROUND: The debate within the multiple sclerosis (MS) community initiated by the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) hypothesis and the subsequent liberation procedure placed some people with MS at odds with health care professionals and researchers.

OBJECTIVE: This study explored decision making regarding the controversial liberation procedure among people with MS.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Fifteen people with MS (procedure, n=7; no procedure, n=8) participated in audiotaped semistructured interviews exploring their thoughts and experiences related to the liberation procedure. Data were transcribed and analyzed using an iterative, consensus-based, thematic content-analysis approach.

RESULTS: Participants described an imbalance of motivating factors affirming the procedure compared to hesitating factors that provoked the participant to pause or reconsider when deciding to undergo the procedure. Collegial conversational relationships with trusted sources (eg, MS nurse, neurologist) and ability to critically analyze the CCSVI hypothesis were key hesitating factors. Fundraising, family enthusiasm, and the ease of navigation provided by medical tourism companies helped eliminate barriers to the procedure.

CONCLUSION: Knowledge of factors that helped to popularize the liberation procedure in Canada may inform shared decision making concerning this and future controversies in MS.

With a sample size so small it may be difficult to make any useful

Jandaghi AB, Amanian D, Roudbari SA, Kanafi AR, Pourghorban R.Evaluation of haemodynamic properties of cerebral venous drainage in patients with multiple sclerosis: a case-control study.
Pol J Radiol. 2014 Sep 19;79:323-7. doi: 10.12659/PJR.890690. eCollection 2014.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to compare patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy control subjects as regards haemodynamics of cerebral venous drainage.

MATERIAL/METHODS: Between December 2012 and May 2013, 44 consecutive patients with multiple sclerosis and 44 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects underwent the B-mode, color Doppler, and duplex Doppler evaluations of the internal jugular vein (IJV) and vertebral vein. The following four parameters were investigated: IJV stenosis, reversal of postural control of the cerebral venous outflow pathways, absence of detectable blood flow in the IJVs and/or vertebral veins, and reflux in the IJVs and/or vertebral veins in the sitting or supine position.

RESULTS: In the study group, IJV stenosis, postural control reversal of the cerebral venous outflow pathways, and absence of flow in the IJVs and/or vertebral veins were found in 3 (6.8%), 2 (4.5%), and 3 (6.8%) patients, respectively. In the control group, IJV stenosis (P=0.12), postural control reversal of the cerebral venous outflow pathways (P=0.50), and absence of flow (P=0.12) were not detected. Abnormal reflux was found neither inmultiple sclerosis patients nor in healthy subjects.

CONCLUSIONS: No significant difference in the cerebral venous drainage through the IJV or vertebral vein was found between patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy subjects within any of the investigated ultrasonographic parameters.

Nothing of interest. Maybe it is time to kick these posts into touch? 

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  • CCSVI Saturdays? You said there were no CCSVI posters at AECTRIMS this year. The MS community is putting their tail between their legs and walking away. Stem cells Saturdays takes center stage.

    • CCSVI saturday has been posted on last saturday of the month for some time. We don't need stem cell saturdays as it is stem cell every day there is something interesting to post on. I posted on saturdays normally with comments turned off, so we only ge tthe trolls once a month or if I remember to turn the comments off not at all, rather than every time we post and the next few days after that. Bad behaviour by a few spoil it for the rest.

      I do not think it is a case of "tail between its legs" and walking away. This is a behaviour of the subservant dog who has lost the plot. The MS commuity can hold its head high. They have responded to the wishes of MSers and investigated. They may shed a tear that so much resource has gone into this effort to not find much positive, yet. There are no winners here, except the scam artists that have extorted a lot of money from people in need of effective treatments

  • fyi…You're the only one interested in/obsessed with debunking CCSVI, consistently finding only the negative to support your personal psychosis. The rest of us have moved on to further investigate the 200+ year-old link between vascular issues, veins and MS. I've really had enough laughs watching your bid for attention every Saturday. (You probably even take your weekly bath before your appearance here to humiliate yourself…:) You only appear on my radar because of a long-standing google alert for mentions of CCSVI, and I now see the easy way to avoid even wasting time knowing of your continued existence is to edit the search (delete blogs). Whew! Done! I do feel a deep feeling of sublime liberation! Eat poison mousedoctor, and die…lol.

    • Please enjoy this comment session whilst you can…ProfG must have turned this on by mistake. However this does serve to highlight the post in "Rules of engagment" about when the trolls arrive

      I am not obsessed by debunking…but am happy to debunk if the conceptlooks like bunkcum.

      Taking a step back, I have seen so little that supports this concept and see how it has sucked money that could have been spent elsewhere. You suggest that I post this every saturday, when it has been the last saturday of the month since the posts on saturday started. But facts……hey why should we let them get in the way of a good story.

      Maybe I should ban myself from responding as ProfG wishes, but do not wish to be a wet blanket. However in the interests of the other readers, who don't wish to read your insults
      "eat poison and die" then this is good enough reason to dispense with these posts.

      If there is something interesting them we can post it on a case by case issue.
      Bye Bye my little trolls friends

  • to do with ccsvi I would like to talk to one doc or some one of importance for a common since way of looking into ccsvi

    • The common sense way of looking at CCSVI is look at the data. I believe if you step back and do this, then questions will be asked about the validity of the original hypothesis..

  • CSSVI is a dead issue. Anyone with a ounce of intelligence can see this. Time to put it to bed and chalk it up as a lesson to be learned about what hysteria can do to people. The CSSVI cult followers will believe what they want to believe regardless of reality.

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